Marooned (Part 2)

A powerful Australian play that is cheap to stage, easy to tour, and works

When the Wolves tour this play, everyone stays behind after the performance and so that people in the audience can talk and have their say. Each community brings their own mental health people/workers along to spread the message in the community.

It is a great way to open up conversations about suicide prevention in your community. Give Michael a ring to discuss how you could bring “Marooned” to your community


The story is simple, four Australians, from four different demographics are stuck in a waiting room in heaven. They have all taken their own lives and apparently failed. God never speaks to them, instead he leaves them to their own devices to discover what it is they must do to get out.  That is not only talking but listening. As they become closer they all find their second wind and start heading back, except one character, a man in his early fifties, who turned up broken but at the end is hungry to get home to his family and start living. Sadly, once alone, he discovers his attempt has been successful and he’s not going anywhere. This twist rams home the nightmare of suicide and while it leaves the audience stunned, the play itself leaves them uplifted.     

After every show they hang around and talk openly and warmly about their own stories and suicide. If mental health professionals are there to harness all this positivity, then these conversations are a breeding ground for change.

We are not a mental health charity, we are a not for profit theatre company who are happy to work with all groups who deal with this issue.

The play can be staged anywhere from a theatre to a barn, even outside.

Please contact the Chief of Army for an assessment.

But for now, we want to get this play on the road doing what it was written to do and doing it cost effectively.


Michael Gray Griffith


Simon McKeon: Australian of the Year 2011 and a Rio Tinto Board member, has been instrumental in having Rio Tinto fully sponsor the North Queensland Tour of the play.

Michael states:

“It was an interesting week. We had a lovely call from a man working at Suicide Prevention Australia. He informed us about how they work and congratulated us on the unfolding story of Marooned. He told us he felt it should be touring nationally. He then directed us to some other organisations who may be interested in aligning with us. So, fingers crossed.

Then after that a woman from a Victorian Primary Health Network called and we shared a similar conversation with her.

The lovely thing was finally being able to have a conversation with active members from the Suicide Prevention Community and let them know that we are interested in having the piece evaluated as a new tool in the fight. “

The Alex Theatre23rd & 24th April.1/135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda VIC 3182,Eventbrite Marooned
Kingston Arts Centre. 979 Nepean Highway, MoorabbinSat 1 May 7:30PM
MAROONED IN TASSIEJune 5th & 6th LauncestonBooking Link Soon

A play about suicide that needs to be seen.

Initially rehearsed in a living room, from its opening night in a small theatre in Prahran, Marooned has been warmly accepted. It has toured parts of regional Victoria where it has attracted standing ovations and a loyal following.

The MTC invited The Wolves Theatre to stage it in one of their theatres, then the Chief of Army invited them to stage it for the Chain of Command in Canberra.

Now Covid willing, in September 2021 a National Conference in the UK will wrap up their conference with Marooned.

It’s been called a revolution by a top army psychologist and has also attracted the backing of a former Australian of the year, Simon McKeon.

Set in a waiting room in the afterlife, it focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home, but how? Maybe there is something they have to do. But what? Apart from the seats, the only thing in this room is each other.

“Marooned is undoubtedly the finest piece of theatre I’ve seen in many years. It had me in tears and belly laughing. Beautifully written and expertly performed. Stunningly good.” ~Megan Watts.

“This is an important play,” ~Alan Hopgood. “While I can see the influences of Harold Pinter, this is not Pinter.

This is an original voice”, ~Bruce Beresford

I laughed, I cried, I felt. It’s raw and extremely real.The actors are beyond amazing, the writing is phenomenal. It was an occasional shifting of bodies that brought you back to the reality that reminded you that this was a play. ~Natalie Powel

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