Standing in Solidarity: The Voices of Lived Experience

Wednesday, 23 September10:00am – 12:00pm

“Any movement that hopes to sustain commitment over a period of time must make the construction of collective identity one of its most central tasks.”(Gamson, 1991, p. 27)

The suicide prevention advocacy movement has sometimes suffered from historical fracturing among these stakeholder groups. In recent efforts to bring groups to the table, we have not always spent the time to bridge groups but instead have found ourselves pointing fingers and creating divisions within the movement. People often feel misunderstood and excluded within these communities that are based in deeply personal experiences. Thus, the “collective identity” of the suicide prevention movement experiences on-going fissures, cracks and chasms.

In spite of differences across the groups of suicide prevention and suicide crisis response, solidarity is needed to move the suicide prevention movement forward. We must ask ourselves what we mean by “solidarity,” and how can we achieve it when we are working through conflict between subgroups of our collective identity?

We look forward to seeing you there!
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