“Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions”

By Johann Hari – This is worth listening to …

Johann Hari

Photo the Irish Times: https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/lost-connections-review-shedding-the-shame-of-depression-1.3386584

Johann Hari argues that depression is a rational response rather than an intrinsic flaw, and we know depression and mental health problems significantly increase people’s risk of suicide.

ABC Big Ideas Radio National Monday 28 May 2018 8:05PM

“It’s the silent epidemic that just keeps on growing. Depression is now the leading cause of ill health worldwide and doctors are struggling to treat it despite having an armory of drugs. The WHO describes it as a socially produced problem needing social as well as individual solutions.

British author Johann Hari has experienced depression since his teens. Drawing on decades of work by researchers, he argues the answer lies in treating the underlying causes of depression. Johann spoke to Cathy Van Extel at the Writers+Ideas festival at Brisbane Powerhouse on 9 May 2018

Interview with Johann Hari

“There was a mystery haunting award-winning investigative journalist Johann Hari. He was 39 years old, and almost every year he had been alive, depression and anxiety had increased in in the US, Britain, and across the Western world. Why?

He had a very personal reason to ask this question. When he was a teenager, he had gone to his doctor, and explained that he felt like pain was leaking out of him, and he couldn’t control it, or understand it. Some of the solutions his doctor offered had given him some relief for a while – but he remained in deep pain.

So he went on a 40,000-mile, three-year journey across the world to interview the leading scientific experts about what causes depression and anxiety, and what solves them. He learned there is scientific evidence for nine different causes of depression and anxiety – and that this knowledge leads to a very different set of solutions he saw in practice, from San Francisco to Sydney to Sao Paulo: ones that offer real hope.

‘Lost Connections’ has been a best-seller in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, and is now being translated into 14 other languages. It has been praised by a remarkable range of people, from all walks of life … and by some of the most prominent mental health experts in the UK and Australia.

At the start of his epic journey, Johann Hari sensed there was something missing in our debate about depression and anxiety. This is the story of how he discovered what we have been failing to see for so long – and how it can guide us out of our depression.

Lost Connections website

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