Lived Experience Summit 2018

Roses in the Ocean

The Inaugural National Lived Experience Summit 2018 being held in Brisbane on August 21st and 22nd offers you a unique opportunity to contribute through your lived experience of suicide to current and future suicide prevention projects, research, collaborations, service delivery and design. The two days will be workshop based with organisations and researchers bringing specific projects to the table for lived experience input and guidance. Opportunity then exists for project participants to remain connected and continue working together. WE will also seek your collective insights around some topical lived experience conversation.

Roses in the Ocean defines lived experience as: having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for someone through a suicidal crisis, or been bereaved by suicide. This national initiative will provide a forum to connect Lived Experience Collective members and others with a lived experience of suicide, with experts from five key focus areas within suicide prevention:

  • Workplace • Clinical • Research • Hospital, Health & Community Services • Digital

The most important consideration of being involved in the Lived Experience Summit is that you are ready, and that your involvement is a rewarding and positive experience. It is without question difficult to talk about suicide when it has and does impact your life so profoundly and to help you assess your personal readiness to participate we have attached the following documents for you to read prior to registering to attend.

  • Becoming Involved in Suicide Prevention
  • Guide to Self-Care
  • Safe Language Guide

With the support of our sponsors, Roses in the Ocean is pleased to offer a number of Bursaries for people with a lived experience of suicide. To apply for a Bursary please complete the online application

The final date for submissions is 30 June 2018, and applicants will be advised by email or telephone of their application status by 21 July 2018. Applicants will need to be able to attend both days of the Summit, Wednesday 21 & 22 August 2018.

Roses in the Ocean looks forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary opportunity to showcase genuine lived experience collaboration and inclusion in the vibrant city of Brisbane.

Bronwen Edwards CEO and Founder Roses in the Ocean

Lived Experience Summit 2018 – Bursary Information Sheet

What do the Bursaries cover?

The Bursaries cover flights and accommodation on August 21 and event registration for 2 days. It will be appreciated if you are able to cover any of these costs, as this enables Roses in the Ocean to extend Bursaries to more individuals.

What is not covered by the Bursaries?

The Bursaries do NOT cover expenses for meals (beyond what is provided as part of the Summit) or costs associated with dry cleaning, room service, pay TV, movie hire, mini-bar, tips, personal expenses, and so on.

How does Roses in the Ocean decide who receives a Bursary?

As there will be a limited amount of Bursary funds available a set of criteria (see below) has been established to help Roses in the Ocean decide who will receive a Bursary.

All Bursary applicants must:

  • Have a lived experience of suicide (according to the definition of lived experience)
  • Demonstrate financial reasons why they would be unable to attend the conference without a Bursary
  • Be aged 18 years and older (unless accompanied by parent/guardian).

What is expected of the successful applicant?

Successful applicants are required to:

  • Answer all questions in the application honestly
  • Attend both days of the Summit 21-22 August 2018 with a goal to interacting and engaging in workshops and with other event attendees
  • Complete the survey at the conclusion of the conference

Roses in the Ocean will look to distribute the Bursaries in a manner which supports national representation and diversity of those with a lived experience. The decision on who is to receive the Bursaries will be made by Roses in the Ocean, whose decision will be final and reasons confidential.

How to apply for a Bursary?

To apply for a Bursary, you will need to complete the Bursary Application found online at link to bursary application form. The questions in the application form will help Roses in the Ocean understand your personal situation and to assess how you meet the selection criteria. Please note that all information in your application form will be kept strictly private.


In accordance with the guidelines established for the Bursary, although Roses in the Ocean will ask you questions of a personal nature we are committed to protecting your privacy and will use this information only for the purpose of assessing your application.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please email Kathy Poulton at


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